What is PPL

About us:

Founded in 1941, Phonographic Performance Limited, also known as PPL India, is a performance rights organization licensing its members’ sound recordings for communication to public in the areas of public performance and broadcast. PPL owns and/or controls the Public Performance rights of 400+ music labels, with more than 5 Million+ international and domestic sound recordings.

Who are we?

PPL India represents some of the world’s and India’s largest record labels, including Lahari Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Speed Records, T-Series, Universal Music, Warner Music and is India’s largest and most respected public performance rights organisation, in terms of both membership and revenue.

By purchasing a PPL licence, you have exclusive access to the entirety of our collection spanning a plethora of genres including Bollywood, Pop, EDM, Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz, Country, Dance and others by thousands of iconic Artistes from across the globe.

PPL's Copyright Registration: Pursuant to the amendment to the Copyright Act, 1957 ( the Act) in 1994, PPL was registered as a Copyright Society from 1996 till May 2014. The Copyright Amendments in June 2012 required PPL to obtain re registration as copyright society under section 33 of the Act; which is currently pending before the government.  Presently, therefore by virtue of Assignment Deeds and/or exclusive Licenses executed by its Music Member labels, PPL issues licenses under section 30 of the Act and such licenses are valid under copyright law as held by several Hon’ble High Courts Pan India.

What do we do?

Under the Copyright Act 1957, every business entity or individual must receive permission from the copyright owners of the sound recording before any public performance takes place. We enforce the rights of our members by ensuring that businesses comply with the law and pay copyright holders for the music they consume. We are a non-profit organisation and the royalties we collect are given to the rightful owners of the music.

PPL India collects royalty by issuing license to commercial establishments/premises/venues like hotels, discotheques, clubs, lounges, bars, pubs, shops, stores, malls, salons, hospitals, offices, amusement parks, buses, taxis, aircrafts, events, shows etc. for on ground public  performance i.e. communication of sound recordings/music of our members to the public. We also issue Radio Broadcast license for usage of members’ repertoire to Broadcasters on their Terrestrial radio stations, Community radio stations and National public radio stations. The validity of Background performance license can be 1 year/2 years/3 years. The validity of event license is only for the time specified for the particular event/show. 

How does the PPL licensing process work?

Step 1 : Music Labels grant rights to PPL India via assignment deeds

Step 2 : Businesses (Establishments/Venues/premises/Event organizers/Corporates) and/or Individuals contact PPL licensing executives and purchase license for on ground public performance 

Step 3 : PPL India collects royalties or License Fees

Step 4 : PPL India distributes the royalties to the Music Labels after deducting the operating cost

Have Any Questions?

You can write to us at [email protected] or can reach us on 9321911018

PPL India introduces SoundSys Technology Platform for Royalty Distribution

The success of the collective organisation like PPL India is measured how effectively it distributes the collected revenues to its members commensurate with the actual utilisation of sound recording assigned to it. With millions of the sound recording tracks getting used by large number of the users, a powerful technology platform to achieve timely & correct distribution is an need of an hour. In this regards International Federation of Phonographic Industries [IFPI] which is the international apex body having affiliation of Sound Recording collective organisation of 70 countries took initiative in building up such technology platform. A separate corporate entity named Sound Sys has been incorporated in Singapore where 4 leading music licensing companies (MLCs) in Asia viz  ASIRINDO (Indonesia), MRSS(Music Rights Society Singapore), Phonorights (Thailand) and PPL India have become equity partners by investing 30000 euros each in equity of the SoundSys and balance funding requirements being provided by IFPI as interest free loan of euro 120000. The investment made by PPL India has been in line with joint agreement entered by IFPI & 4 MLCs and the same is in compliance with the Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) regulations laid down by the RBI. 

SoundSys, has developed a powerful technology platform with help of the world renowned leading international technology player named BMAT – Spain which uses its proprietary state of the art technology to organise, store and match usage and recording data, thereby enabling MLCs to distribute royalties in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This platform now is being successfully used by all the four MLCs and the operating cost is being shared by these MLCs in the ratio of revenues. Sound sys is also licensing the platform to other collective organisations of the world helping to generate licensing revenue for SoundSys.