If you wish to

A) If you wish to play recorded Music ( Sound Recordings) controlled by the members of PPL India, at all public places including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, discotheques, cinema halls, shows, malls, stores, shops, salon, parlours, marriage halls, jukeboxes, railway & bus stations, airport, motels, guest houses, banks, offices, amusement parks, pubs, private shows, exhibitions, shows, events & any such other public area intending to communicate to the public in any matter whatsoever, in any format, in audio, visual and/or audio-visual media is required to be supported by a prior license PPL.

B) Background Music is the performance of recorded music to create an atmosphere or ambience that is not a special feature of, or essential to, the main event or is not essential to the operation of a premises. For example, use of sound recordings in Restaurants / Malls/ Shops etc. on daily basis or regularly, come under Background Music categories (Part A of Tariff Scheme).

C) If you wish to play music at an event such as corporate events, fashion shows, award ceremonies, product launches, sports and/or social events, etc. via any mode or medium (Streaming Audio & Video, Radio, Background Music Supplier, CDs, DVDs, Mobile Phones, etc.) legal permission is needed from the owner whose sound recordings (songs / music) you use. For the above said, you require an Event License from PPL (Part B of Tariff Scheme)

D) A background License is not valid for any Event (e.g. shows, promotions, product launches, fashion shows, DJ parties, New Year Events etc.) and vice versa.

E) For temporary embodiment / storage, a separate Licence is required, as mentioned in Part C of Tariff Scheme.

F) Play music as a radio broadcaster within India you will need a Radio Broadcast License from PPL.

PPL is a one stop solution where by virtue of ownership/control of over 4.5 million sound recordings, you can obtain a single PPL license and play the music of your choice and avoid any hassle.

Our tariffs are designed to cover all types & sizes of commercial establishments, events in public places and radio broadcastings.

At the AGM, our members review and approve the tariffs, which forms the basis of licensing being used by our personnel across the country.

For Radio licensing please reach us at [email protected]

For Radio Tariff click here

To download the full Public Performance Tariff, please click here


Payment Terms :

1.  Payments only to be made via Payment Gateway, Cheque, DD, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS. Payment in cash will not be accepted.

2.  Non Payment of Invoice shall attract Interest @ 18% p.a. along with Penal charge upto Rs. 2 Lacs.

3.  All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai only.

4.  Invoice payments are due upon receipt. All paid invoices are considered as final and no refund of the license fees shall be made.