33I Fashion shows

Category 33 I – FASHION SHOWS

Licence Fee:

Rate Per Designer per show:

Average Attendance

License Fees in Rs. as per Duration of Event

Up to 15 minutes

15 mins - 30 mins.

Every additional 15 mins.

Below 50

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 33,750

Rs. 6,750


Rs. 27,000

Rs. 35,750

Rs. 8,437

Above 100Rs. 29,000Rs. 37,750Rs. 9,703


a) Celebrity surcharge: Rs. 1 lakh per celebrity will be charged for celebrity performance over and above the License Fee

b) The above Licence is valid for the performance / usage of music during the ramp walk or catwalk for an individual designer and which includes usage of Copyrighted music before & after the ramp walk. For example, if there are 5 designer shows in a day, then either 5 separate licences to be taken or, in case of single licence 5 times fees to be paid.

c) The above tariff does not include the following activities, for which a separate Licence is required

d) Pre & Post launch Parties and/or events.

e) Activities at Lounge, Bar & other Entertainment areas or in an area where no activity connected with fashion Show is taking place.

f) Using copyrighted music in other Venue and/or other waiting areas which is/are not part of the Fashion Show and has not been covered by any other venue Licence (Hotels / Banquets).

g) The annual and/or Background Hotel / Venue Licence is not applicable (i.e. does not cover) for using Copyrighted music as part of Fashion Show / ramp walk and parties.

General Terms:

i) This tariff is applicable to the Public Performance of Music by way of recorded music, by any means at venues/premises.

ii) The above license fee does not include Background Music License of commercial properties (e.g. restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs etc.). Respective tariffs are applicable as per Background Music License category.

Effective from 14th August, 2021

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