33I Fashion shows

Category 33 I – FASHION SHOWS


Licence Fees per Designer per show:

Average Attendance

Duration of Event

Up to 15 minutes

15 mins - 30 mins.

Every additional 15 mins.

Below 50

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 33,750

Rs. 6,750


Rs. 27,000

Rs. 35,750

Rs. 8,437

Mega Fashion Shows - All Fashion Shows where Celebrities perform or ramp-walk shall be treated as a Mega Fashion Show, the tariff shall be calculated on Basic as per above table + the % premium.


No. of Celebrities performing or ramp-walking


2 - 5

5 - 10

more than 10

With Sponsor





Without Sponsor






  1. The above Licence is valid for the performance / usage of music during the ramp walk or cat-walk for an individual designer and which includes usage of Copyrighted music before & after the ramp walk. For example, if there are 5 designer shows in a day, then either 5 separate licences to be taken or, in case of single licence 5 times fees to be paid.
  2. The above tariff does not include the following activities, for which a separate Licence is required:
  3. Pre & Post launch Parties and/or events.
  4. Activities at Lounge, Bar & other Entertainment areas or in an area where no activity connected with Fashion Show is taking place.
  5. Using copyrighted music in other Venue and/or other waiting areas which is/are not part of the Fashion Show and has not been covered by any other venue Licence (Hotels / Banquets).
  6. The annual and/or Background Hotel / Venue Licence is not applicable (I.e. does not cover) for using Copyrighted music as part of Fashion Show / ramp walk and parties.


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