33H Sports events

Category 33 H – SPORTS EVENTS


Seating Capacity

Background Music only

Rs. 5 Per Seat

Background Music + artist performance / DJ

Rs. 10 Per Seat


  1. This Tariff Applies to the Public Performance of Music during a sports activity as an accompaniment or where background Music is provided before and after the show of general entertainment by way of Radio, Tape, Video, Television or by any other Mechanical Devices /DJ Performances/Artist performance (as applicable) during the match.
  2. The above rate is applicable per match.
  3. For calculation of license fee actual seat occupied is immaterial. The license fee is applicable on the total capacity of the Premises. *Events where seating capacity cannot be ascertained a minimum capacity of 5000 seats will be assumed.
  4. Background music is the performance of music by recorded or mechanical means as background music.
  5. Mechanical Music means music performed by any mechanical or electronic device, including radio, television, record/CD/tape players, digital music service or a loudspeaker connected to any of the equipment mentioned herein.
  6. Artist performance means, performance by any celebrity/artist before or during the event.


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