33K Stand alone Banquet Hall

Category 33 K – Events - Social Event In Standalone Banquet Hall

Licence Fees: 

Rs. 6,000 per show / event / performance


a) Celebrity surcharge: Rs. 1 lakh per celebrity will be charged for celebrity performance over and above the License Fee

b) The above tariff is applicable for events in standalone commercial banquets. They are not part of any Hotel / Resort / Club / Convention Centre / Similar Property

c) Any event, which is ticketed or telecasted, will not fall under this tariff

General Terms:

i) This tariff is applicable to the Public Performance of Music by way of recorded music, by any means at venues/premises.

ii) The above license fee does not include Background Music License of commercial properties (e.g. restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs etc.). Respective tariffs are applicable as per Background Music License category.

Effective from 14th August, 2021

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