33A Events - with sponsors, tickets, title sponsors

Category 33 (A)  Events With Sponsors / Tickets / Title Sponsors/ New Year/Christmas/Holi/Valentine's Day, and similar such Events

License Fee:

Average AttendanceLicense Fee
Every additional Pax over 1050,  Rs 200 will be charged 


a)    Celebrity surcharge: 1 lakh per celebrity will be charged over and above the License Fee

b)    Celebrity is someone who is famous, especially in the areas of entertainment such as films, music, writing, sport etc.  and is part of the activity. He/she might or might not perform on music and may or may not be associated with the brand as Brand Ambassador.

c)    This tariff is also applicable on New Year/Christmas/Holi/Valentine’s Day and similar such events which are offered as packages by establishments with or without admission/cover charges

General Terms:

i)    This tariff is applicable to the Public Performance of Music by way of recorded music, by any means at venues/premises. The above license fee shall be charged per event.

ii)    The above license fee does not include Background Music License of commercial properties (e.g. restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs etc.). Respective tariffs are applicable as per Background Music License category.

iii)    The above tariff is based on the declarations made by licensees about the usage of the copyrighted sound recordings controlled by PPL India. These declarations have been adopted in good faith which if found incorrect, shall invite recovery of additional fees towards damages.

iv)    Non-Compliant Licensees who seek to regularize past infringements/violations/breach of PPL India’s rights and licenses (including non-compliance with agreements, usage without clearance, litigations etc.) additional fees towards damages over the existing Tariff shall be applied at the discretion of the company.

v)    The above Tariff comes into force from 18th November, 2022.

Part B:  Public Performance Tariff For Events

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